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Flip Up Keplarian Loupes
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Getting Started

1. Remove lens caps
Remove the lens caps from the front of the optics. Please note that we place the lens caps to protect the lenses whilst we manufacture your loupes – they are not designed to be used on a daily basis.
2. Adjust optic declination
Flip the optics down. The aim is to position the optics as close to the frame as possible to maximise viewing (as pictured).
3. Adjust the head strap
Slide the head strap onto the ends of the frame, ensuring it is secure before use.
4. Adjust nosepad
Squeeze or spread the nose pads so that the pads sit flat on your nose, and the loupes frame is positioned as close to your eyes as possible. To lower the frame, spread the pads apart. To raise the frame, squeeze the pads together
5. Adjust left optic
​Sit in your usual working position, and focus on your thumb at your working length. With just your left eye open, move the left optic along the track until your thumb is in the centre of the image, using the screw to tighten once in place.
6. Adjust right optic
Close the left eye and repeat for the right eye. It can take a few minutes to correctly position the optics. When both optics are in the correct position, one single concentric circle will be visible through both eyes simultaneously (as pictured).
Cleaning Instructions
Your loupes are manufactured from the highest quality components and will provide you with a long, useful lifespan with proper care. These are precision optical instruments that must be adequately cleaned and protected from rough use and improper storage.
  • Only use a lens cleaner on the optics with a microfibre cloth
  • All other components can be cleaned with a disinfectant wipe
  • Do not immerse any components into liquid
  • Do not use an autoclave, chemiclave, glutaraldehyde, iodophor or any other sterilisation method
  • Do not place the lenses against any sharp objects, and always use the case provided to protect them
Using Your Loupes
Depending on your magnification, you may experience some disorientation. This is normal. Some professionals begin to use loupes full-time, whereas others require a breaking-in period.
If you experience difficulty, gradually increase the length of daily use. Generally, a break-in period lasts no more than 2-3 weeks.
Prescription Service
Should your eyesight change, you can contact us to arrange to add prescription to your loupes. The prescription inserts into the inside of the loupes, therefore making it removable and readily changeable.
All our lenses are precision manufactured in the UK and have a 1-2 weeks turnaround time.
Using Your Light
If you also have a light, please return to the User Guide Homepage:


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