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The Cost of Loupes
Aug 17, 2022

The Cost of Loupes

How much do dental loupes cost?

Dental loupes start from around £300 but can cost in excess of £3000. The large variety in pricing is due to differences in the types of loupes (flip up vs TTL), optical quality, and method of delivery (online vs face-to-face).

The cheapest type of loupes are flip up loupes. This is because these loupes do not need to be individually-made for the user. TTL loupes are generally more expensive because they are manufactured on an individual basis.

Why are dental loupes so expensive?

Dental loupes do not cost the thousands of pounds to manufacture that some companies may lead you to believe. Like any optical product, such as digital cameras, the individual component costs account for a fraction of the overall price.  

A major factor in cost is the method of delivery. Traditional loupes companies employ a large team of sales reps to visit individual practices, demonstrating their products and taking measurements. This is an expensive method of delivery - a sales rep will typically make at least £250 for the day. Given not all practice visits will result in a sale, the price of each pair of loupes has to increased to cover unsuccessful visits. This is in addition to the costs of maintaining offices, and paying transport expenses for the sales reps. 

​Online loupes companies, such as The Student Loupes Company, do not employ a sales force - instead using digital methods to obtain the necessary measurements. The loupes are then delivered directly to the user at a reduced cost.

Are dental loupes tax deductible expenses?

According to HMRC (Section 336), an expense can only be deductible if it is used wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of the duties of the employment.  

Dental loupes are therefore a 100% tax deductible expense as they meet the requirements set out by HMRC. They are used wholly and exclusively for dental work, and are necessary for providing excellent patient care.  

​Dentists based overseas that purchase and collect their loupes whilst in the UK are able to claim the VAT back at UK Customs on leaving the country.


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