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How to clean your loupes
Nov 29, 2022

How to clean your loupes

Dental loupes and surgical loupes are optical glasses used by hygienists, dentists, doctors and surgeons for clarity and support. Therefore, cleaning disinfected loupes are important to keep yourself and your patients safe. As well as dust and grease, your loupes can collect debris from your surrounding work for example small particles released during dental work can cause scratches to your loupes if unattended.

Before cleaning your loupes, it is important to wash and sanitise your hands. It is beneficial to avoid using any sort of lotion on your hand as this will cause grease when cleaning your loupes.

Some loupes may be water resistant like The Loupes Company products. Our customers are advised to clean with small amounts of water and then wiping gently with a microfibre cloth. It’s also recommended to cover your telescopes when they are not in use to avoid any dust, grease, or scratches. Most manufactures provide you with a lens cap for this reason when you purchasing your loupes

However, other manufacturers have more complex systems which require specialist cleaning equipment, and it’s recommended to follow these instructions in that case as otherwise your warranty may be voided.

Almost every loupe owner purchases a case with their glasses. This is an important asset to have along with your loupes. Your loupes remain protected when not in use and the product life span will last longer than owning a pair of loupes without any case. A lot of brands sell cases like The Loupes Company and Bryant Dental, here at TLC we offer a loupe case for free with all loupes. Whether you already own a pair or you’re thinking about purchasing your first set of loupes, it is highly beneficial to invest in a loupe cases.

Before cleaning your loupes, we highly recommend you contact the manufacture to avoid any potential damage that can be caused.

Another common asset users purchase along with their loupes and cases are face shields. Face shields are vital as it protects you and your patients from infectious pathogens, as well as protecting your loupes from damage from every day wear and tear. Many companies sell face shields like TLC, their face shields are compatible for all loupes and are one of the most popular in the market.

Cleaning loupes sounds easy but its highly beneficial to contact your loupe manufacturer before applying liquids to the glasses. For example, a common mistake is using generic disinfectant wipes such as Clinell wipes to clean your loupes, this can lead to plastic degradation and lost of adhesion which can cause cracks in your telescopes or even result in them coming loose. Removing dust can be completed in two ways, either using a wet cloth if the loupes are water resistant or by blow drying.

Key ways you can protect your investment is regular recommended cleaning, investing in visors and investing in a loupe case.


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