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How to buy loupes
Nov 29, 2022

How to buy loupes

Buying loupes traditionally consisted of having to speak to an international customer service team to book a demo, and then wait weeks to get a specialist to take time out of your day to show you loupes. You then might need to repeat this process to compare different brands as they don’t show their specs and pricing online.

Buying loupes online felt like the natural next step for us, and as a team made up mainly of dentists and doctors, we know your time is valuable.

Buying loupes should be easy, we think we’d changed the game with our online system! We’re also 100% transparent with pricing, pricing plans and specifications, so you know what you’re getting from the first moment.

The hard part is choosing which loupes you want to own. The typical four step process of buying loupes is as follows:

1- Choose your loupe type

Choosing your loupe type can be difficult. However, we have helped simplify the decision-making process by helping you choose your loupe type. Depending on the profession you work, the working distance and magnification you require, you will find it easier choosing your loupes.

2- Select your magnification level

Choosing your magnification depends on the work you do. The higher the magnification, the smaller the viewing area and the lower the magnification, the bigger the viewing area. Your depth of focus also increases the lower the magnification. Your field of practice will help you decide on your magnification- whether you require a small field of view or large. If you do a lot of fine specialist work, you may need a high magnification and a smaller field of view, but if you mainly do general work you’re likely to be happier with a lower magnification with a larger field of view.

3- Select your frame colour

Find the perfect colour for your loupes, remember you’ll be taking advantage of your loupes every day, so find a colour that will suit you and your personality!

4- Measure your working distance

Some loupes require you to measure your interpupillary distance (IPD), which means, the loupes will only be custom for your use only. Some loupes like the Flip Ups do not require your working distance and their optical lens hang on a hinge mechanism you can lift up or down. However, loupes like TTL and TTL Pro require you to complete your measurements. Some companies like The Loupes Company have an online measurement system where you can complete your measurement within a minute. Other companies usually have their customer service team contact you.

5- Purchase your loupes

Once you have completed your specification choosing for your loupes, you are ready to purchase. Purchasing loupes is like any other purchase within the e-commerce world. All loupe companies tend to provide great customer service to ensure you purchase the right loupes. An example is here, at The Loupes Company, if a customer has not completed their measurements online, the customer service team will be in contact with the customer to ensure there is no delay in their loupes arriving at their doorstep.

One area I am yet to talk about are prescriptions. If you have an optical prescription, it is advisable to add this into your loupe specification, most loupe companies will let you do this and recommend that you do, as otherwise your loupes may be harder to adjust to and more uncomfortable.

TLC allow you to upload your prescriptions online, which helps to make the whole process more convenient.

Overall, purchasing loupes is very easy, if you purchase Flip Ups, you will not need to upload your measurements and the arrival of your loupes may be quicker than custom loupes. Custom loupes like TTL and TTL Pro loupes usually take between 4-6 weeks depending on how quickly you are able to upload your measurements and prescriptions.


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